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No Mans Sky-CODEX

No Mans Sky-CODEX


No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.


Inspired by the adventure and imagination that we love from classic science-fiction, No Man’s Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action.

In No Man’s Sky, every star is the light of a distant sun, each orbited by planets filled with life, and you can go to any of them you choose. Fly smoothly from deep space to planetary surfaces, with no loading screens, and no limits. In this infinite procedurally generated universe, you’ll discover places and creatures that no other players have seen before – and perhaps never will again.

No Man's Sky Cover PC

No Man’s Sky Update 5


No Man’s Sky Update 1-CODEX




Title: No Man’s Sky
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Hello Games
Publisher: Hello Games
Release Date: 12 Aug, 2016

Release Name : No Mans Sky-GOG
Size : 2.44 GB



































  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVidia GTX 480, AMD Radeon 7870
  • Storage: 10 GB available space

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky

No Mans Sky-CODEX
- Burn or mount the .iso
- Run setup.exe and install
- Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
- Play

Posted by SKIDROW
  • NoMansHype


  • NMS

    not working yet

  • Mike Hunt

    Uploading, just chill out

  • Ryser

    6g? so is this with the day one patch ?

  • Mike Hunt

    It downlaods 2.5GB for me

  • Bob

    2.43GB ?

  • LuManKrix

    Cracked or not?

  • Kasseo

    Guys, the game IS this small – the PS4 version was 6gb big, due to it’s inability to decompress sound files (so those have to be packed at full size).

    Most of the game is proceduraly generated and the textures are very simple. So yeah, it takes up to 10gb eventually, but the base game is only ~2,6gb

  • hardstyle

    multi language ?

  • Soptik1290

    Not working 🙁

  • Mater

    Does it have preorder DLC?

  • Snacker

    Not workin, the game requiert a steam init and this version of the game can’t work without .
    Sorry guys

  • asd


  • voiCk

    Is this one working guys? cuz gog version is crashing right at the start.

  • johnconnor

    work perfect!!!

  • lord gaben

    The game works but god it shutters alot and the game is not playable at the moment because of that go look at the steam reviews people having fps drops and shit just wait for a patched version to come out. And for the guys saying it requers steam init or someshit wtf are you talking about works perfectly fine

  • asd


  • lol

    that means IT IS working if you look on offiacial forums youl notice its spammaed with various not working / starupcrash etc. posts an all those people that bought it complaining also about horrible fps even with good pc….

  • Jarvis_42

    There is a startup crash bug on AMD chips, especially anything in the phenom family. Devs claim they are working on it. Then again theyve claimed a lot of things over the past 5 years.

  • HaG

    It works for me. But the performance is terrible. Framerate is low and very unstable (dropping to 1fps) and my PC is above the mininum requirements by a good margin.

  • Stormagedonn

    When I launch the game, it keeps crashing during the loading after it says “No Man’s Sky”…. Any way to fix that?

  • Slained

    Hi! Someone help me please?

    Error at launch the game:

    “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.”

    I try to use ccleaner, install vcredist, install net.Framework 4.6, try to other version dealing with a compatible version of Windows, but nothing works. )=

  • butcher

    boring game…

  • Gatpreto

    The Hackerteam did a good job with this at release day crack, the game devs failed terrible. Crack works, game is on my gamer-pc not playable due to lag’s and Fps drop to stop.

  • Ivanvios

    Tre game work perfectly, very fun but it say no Connection… Mean that im not on lìne in the Atlas and can’t save all what i do! Any idea??

  • jirka

    not work 🙁 error code 6 🙁

  • yourmom

    Please upload the day one patch 🙁

  • Quinn

    the game works perfectly… do you stuck on the white initialise screen just press and hold “E”

  • Lenny

    When i have installed + copied the crack into the binaries folder, and try to run the game as adminstrator i pops up with a black gameloadscreen for 1 sec then instantly closes with out any progress

    Anybody know a fix for this?

  • Yarsin

    It works but i’m stuck on the no man’s sky screen, holding E doesn’t do anything, any suggestion?

  • Lemmy

    Work fine without any problem ! Thanks a lot 😉

  • LOre83sv

    c’m on guys seed pls

  • jirka

    Although the game is turned on but then jumps white screen and the game shuts down.

  • Me

    I have the same problem as “Lenny” does somebody have an idea hov to get it runing?

  • PorcoDio

    RVTFiX.nfo was either deleted or not put in directory. Application will terminate now.

    Please HELP!

  • no mans lag

    I have the same problem as @PorcoDio after putting the onlinefix i hope we get a proper fix

  • markiox

    i’ve done all but when i press the exe to play, it doesen’t works, and nothing happen

  • Appak

    same issue as @PorcoDio and @no mans lag

  • draconiscor

    same problem as @markiox whene i press exe to play nothing happen

  • draconiscor

    tried also online fix

  • PorcaMadonna

    It doesn’ work

  • JAy

    Fix is a Fake. Dont install that crap.

  • Tkay99

    @lord gaben: I had also fps problems at the beginning, but I just disabled v-sync and increased the fps limit in options, now it works fine.

    But I got another prob: after some time playing, the game switch on dekstop and I can not switch back in game… so the game is finished for me every time this happens… :/

  • Banana

    Game isnt starting .

  • Satana

    as already stated, it doesnt work with the online fix.

  • tabur91

    tout fonctionne nikel!! mercii!!!

  • rago

    worked fine before, with online fix it doesnt start anymore

  • Qwentin

    Guys, version of Game is
    Fix is v1.0 an in info is wrote: This fix works only on V1.0

  • zaco

    to all those retarded 12 years old who says “boring”,go play fucking call of crapp or battleshit.this is not a game for bored,hyperactive,mongoloid toddlers

  • dfsdsfsd


  • AlexCarry

    It worked before I installed the online fix lmao

  • Lukis

    Game crush after logo Hello Games.

  • Ethan

    Zaco, you´re currently one of the biggest idiots on this planet, congrats!

  • LimeTka

    You are best I love you ! its works ! 😉 thank you very mutch !! still wait for tomb raider … 🙂

  • manu

    it doesn´t open

  • Anon

    People still trying to fanboy this overhyped piece of trash tech demo? LOL

  • Ball Gobbler

    mmm yes fuck me daddy this download is 60 gigabytes +3 full of delicious cummy malware oh yes suck that testicle

  • sh

    me to Lenny

  • rookie

    Working ! 10/10 thanks, although the Performance is very poor, same things with Batman arkham knight, limited at 30 fps, change it from options, and also de activate v-sync, it will go back to 60 fps, but will drop to 47 :v like batman … thanks for sharing 😀

  • rookie

    btw the installations folder is only 2.7 go 😀

  • Noobie

    Hey, New experimental patch came out 13 hours ago. Please upload as it apparently fixes all the issues…..

  • nicaram

    The game still doesn’t work…

  • ts66

    Are you guys gonna redo the online fix so it works with update 3?

  • Shinigami

    I salvataggi non mi funzionano pur avendo iniziato a giocare con update3 ogni volta che riapro il gioco mi esce premi e per avvio. nella schermata opzioni risultano i miei salvataggi precedenti ma non me li fa caricare come devo risolvere questo problema?? per favore aiutatemi le ho già provate tutte

  • Tiocaso

    My game is in japanese language, does anyone knows how to change it? I tryed changing the game’s code with notepad ++ but it did’nt work.

  • veulix

    i got it working with sse 4.1 emulator and openGL 4.5 check skip (found it somewhere from reddit)
    still its a bad frame rate with some stuttering.. (my spec is low.. the only one decent is graphic card)

  • mahmod

    if it dosen’t work gp to game file then binaries > setting > TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS > change resolution and play

  • cihullo

    could you please help me?
    i pasted all the content of update3 in nms folder, then i pasted the new crack.
    But,when i double click the .exe, it doesn’t start the game :/
    what do i have to do?
    Thank you!

  • AXT

    Shinigami mi succede lo stesso pure a me, speriamo si trovi un metodo per risolvere il problema al più presto possibile! Anche se a me lagga un po’ il gioco nonostante possiedo tutti i requisiti minimi eccetto che 8gb di RAM (ne ho 4gb)

  • samsepi0l

    No patch for GOG?

  • Rextox

    Update 1
    Not found the savegame, when i open the game updated start at the prologue.

  • juicy

    my environments and colours do not load whilst in game, but when i open my menus and that, i can see the colours just fine. Anyone know why this is?

  • Just no

    This update also ruins saves if you use it. That’ show it goes when you pirate things.

  • LeDeMon

    Now works in cpu’s without sse4.1

  • FlashMau5

    Trovata la soluzione ragazzi, basta copiare steam_api64.dll della vecchia crack (quello che pesa 773 kb)

    Savegame solution: change NEW steam_api64.dll with OLD one size of OLD (773kb)

  • Chuvalu

    Im getting a hash – sum mismatch when updating from Experimental Patch Update 3 to Update 1..

    Do I even need to patch to Update 1? Isn’t Update 3 the Experimental Patch?

  • Keet

    Why is the game in Chinese? Can anyone explain how to fix the language settings

  • Keet

    Why is the game in Chinese can anyone tell me how to change the language settings

  • Saga

    FlashMau5’s solution for the savegames works, just restore whatever steam_api64.dll version you were using before. In my case I was playing with the experimental patch 3, then I reinstalled the game then the new update 1 but the savegames didn’t work, then I just restored the steam_api64.dll from the experimental patch 3. Don’t forget to backup/restore your savegame folder.

    The new patch still doesn’t support intel GPUs, so I still have to disable the integrated intel GPU so the game could select my GeForce GPU.

    The online fix doesn’t work.

  • Saga

    FlashMau5’s solution for the savegames works, just restore whatever steam_api64.dll version you were using before. In my case I was playing with the experimental patch 3, then I reinstalled the game with the new patch but the savegames didn’t work, then I just restored the steam_api64.dll from the experimental patch 3. Don’t forget to backup/restore your savegame folder.

    The new patch still doesn’t support intel GPUs, so I still have to disable the integrated intel GPU so the game could select my GeForce GPU.

    The online fix doesn’t work.

  • Razer

    ciao FlashMau5. Riusciresti a postare un link o a dirmi dove si trova il crack vecchio?
    Grazie mille

  • king

    Can you uploud v1.04 update pls ?? Thanks o/ o/

  • tomato

    works perfect on my laptop, i want update 3 now :3

  • cihullo

    online fix won’t let me start the game,does anybody know why?

  • Vincent

    please redo the upload fix after the update or may be include it!!!!

  • oronzo

    sapete come far funzionare l’online fix?

  • bayramT

    Will there be an Online crack for the new version?

  • kaboom

    I think i found how this works. Ignoring the online fix (havent tried it myself)

    1. Install the basegame codex first, then put the crack from the codex folder into binaries folder.
    2. Next, Install the update 1 codex, then put the update 1 crack from codex fodler into binaries folder (overwrite)
    3. Next, download the update 3 ali213 (, BUT ONLY COPY the stuff from the downloaded Binaries folder into your binaries folder.

    Hopefully this works for everyone, it works fine for me like this.

  • DaDa

    Hi, where to find the music that plays while game installs .. ??? p.s. great work ! Thanx 🙂

  • Gil

    My game can’t save options and graphic settings. As i restart the game they keep resetting to default. Anyone having the same problem or knowing how to fix it ?

  • Kýnes Lane

    It works men, thanks c:

    (it really works guys) get it

  • daog

    it says either steam is not running or u don’t have a suitable license when I try to start the CODEX version

    and when I try the GoG version it quits after like 5 seconds of launch.]

    any fixes??

  • sami

    my fps still between 30 and 35 !! is that okay ?
    how much your fps guys ?

  • 54r63n70

    Update 5 works with Online Fix v1.0?

  • Basher

    I can’t … Help detailed please

  • xxx

    the application failed to start properly. 0x06d7363

    help ?

  • Neb

    Works really bad, lossing FPS all the time.

    Dont try it.

  • qcmetal

    ITS WORKS ! Fast dwn fast install

  • flvl

    update 5 improves frame rate.
    Game works perfectly.

  • Obvious McDuh

    Am i the only one with language problem? Mine is in some asian language and even editting the Steam_emu or TKGAMESETTING.MXML doesn’t change anything i tried reinstalling it but i saw no language package option like there was in some other CODEX games

  • zhokar88

    I keep crashing as soon as I got the small intro in the game seeing my planet and when the small text box pops up with info about the planet, game crashes evbery time.

    Installed the game and Update 5

  • Chad

    Obvious McDuh
    I’m having too language problems:
    Have you tried to open LanguageSetup.exe?
    For me it doesn’t work but for many people it works.

    Per gli Italiani:
    Qualche anima pia ha problemi di linguaggio? Prima dell’update andava in italiano senza problemi cambiando dal LanguageSetup, dopo l’update 5 non va più

  • Rocko

    “Either Steam isn’t runnning or you don’t have a suitable licence.”

    Looked like it wasn’t cracked properly…

  • Rocko

    Update: The game runs now after installing Update 5

  • Rosco

    I downloaded the game as well as the No Man’s Sky update 5 and installed it following all the instructions. The game fires up, I get the title screen then flying through space for a while, then it goes to a white screen that says initialise… with a little e symbol that flashes on and off, but doesn’t get past that for me.

  • equisor

    @Rosco just hold e

  • Jeremy974

    Can I Apply the CDX Updates over the Official Game’s Copy?

  • mr.rad1o

    amd r7 4gb
    successfully installed no mans sky -CODEX
    and also GOG version
    the game and crack seem to work fine… but is anyone else with AMD gpu notice graphics issue?
    only reason i cant play is because idk wtf is going on.
    it looks like minecraft literally.. except worse.
    my only theory: incompatibility with AMD gpu’s.

  • Mueble

    link? Please……..

  • CoolStuffForFunn

    I made tut ! have fun ! 🙂

  • eznocx

    I download it but i need a password , anyone know it please ?

  • Staniel

    Does anyone has info about Update 7 Cracked?

    I heard about a lot of great changes included in it.

  • Stanley

    AMD user here.
    The game runs perfect to me after update 5.
    Thanks Skid!

  • MadPearce

    thanks skid !!!
    this game work 100% maybe this game very boring
    because the distance between the planet far away

  • Xnidior

    i need so much that update 7 for solve some problems

  • cihullo

    please update the game! thank you really much!

  • Yskar

    Missing update 6, AKA 1.07.

  • dreadlxpt

    It would be very thoughtful of you to provide the latest update, thank you very nice.

  • Stevee

    Still not working…. Main screen 1 minute and window is closing , i click mouse button and i can choose shits from my desktop , like open chrome, while loading screen is showed full screen, will someone fix it or write here how to fix it ? thanks

  • neur0sh1ma

    new reinstalled system, install fallout 4 – work like charm, instal this game, – error/missing some dll, find and install dll ins system – other error… fcl this uninstal and go to trash buggy shit. try to play Valley – best game ever!

  • EvilBirth

    Pls update to 7-8

  • Andersen

    salut j’ai besoin d’aide

  • Andersen

    j’ai la version de ce jeu et quand je démarre , une fois que j’arrive a l’écran ou on nous montre l’univers et plein d’étoiles , la ou se défilent les noms (pour moi c’est tout noir je vois seulement les noms) le jeux crash.

  • Andersen

    j’ai vraiment besoin d’aide

  • Slacker

    Most useless torrent on the internet

  • Painkiller

    Not working, error 0xe06d7363. Help !


    What is the RAR password ?? I GOT 2 RAR files…. 2 gb + 435 mb

  • Stevee

    Still not working, made everything that ppl write here , nothing at all, same shit , game starts, 30 secs of starting scree, ttitle of game and when it reach 30 secs app closing or when i click any buton or mouse bedore this 30 secs its closing anyway. Tried all cracks on internet updates and nothing. All games from here that i downloaded are working all time this one isnt work. shame

  • neuroshima

    u must install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update – “” to play without start .dll missing errors. ONLY THIS SPECIFIC VERSION WORKS!

  • Joshua

    game crashes right from the start. it will just go black screen and then it crashes

  • Xander

    Does this allow you to upload your discoveries for everyone to see? Or is it completely offline?

  • rizal

    why am i stuck in initialise screen?

  • skok

    pleas online fix for foundation Codex vz?